About re/love

Hi and welcome to the RE/LOVE community!

What began as a secondhand buy/sell marketplace for Switzerland on Instagram soon grew in to a passionate mission to inspire others to love not only our planet but ourselves and everything connected to us. We believe that the more love that we pour in to each aspect of our lives - the more the other areas will be positively affected.

Our goal is to create a community where we can teach, inspire and hold each other accountable. We want to add our voices to a global community of like-minded individuals also trying to live in a more conscious and sustainable fashion. Afterall, we are in the beginning of a new era on earth - one that is calling us to have a re-look at all aspects of our lives.

The tech boom has impressed us all but it’s time to put down our phones and reach for authenticity, love and self care. Society as a whole is waking up to the fact that we need to start re-loving ourselves by treating ourselves and our resources with intention. Our clothes, our family, our neighbors, our food, our friends, our daily habits, our bodies, our time, our community...they are all part of one living and breathing whole - when one area suffers, they all will.

We’re not saying that we need to be perfect - but we are saying that we should try our best and work to keep each other accountable. By building a community, we can do this. And pretty soon...all of our small individual changes will start adding up to huge changes and our lives, the lives of those around us and our planet will only benefit.

We need each other and (we) also need you - here are some ways to connect with and support the RELOVE project:

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And most importantly, get involved. Write, call, text us, submit articles/events/ideas…and lets start a conversation.

Krystal Espeland and Molly O’Mara

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